Senior Grading Tools
Grading Syllabus for ages 16+
Seniors wear coloured belts with no tabs/bars to indicate grade.
Grading syllabus for 1st Dan and above is not detailed on this website but available on request

5th Kyu - Yellow Belt

Tai Otoshi - Body Drop
O Goshi - Major Hip Throw
Uki Goshi - Minor Hip Throw
​​O Soto Gari - Major Outer Reaping Throw
​​Ko Soto Gari - Minor Outer Reaping Throw

​Ippon Seoi Nage - Single Arm Shoulder Throw​
Kesa Gatame - Scarf Hold
Kuzure Kesa Gatame - Broken Scarf Hold
Kata Gatame - Shoulder Hold
Yoko Shiho Gatame - Side Four Quarters Hold
Kami Shiho Gatame - Upper Four Quarter Hold

Mune Gatame - Chest Hold
Demonstrate all 8 points of 'Kuzushi'
Demonstrate 1 Escape from a Hold Down
Translate these words into English:
'Hajime', 'Matte', Judoka’, Sensei’, Dojo’ and Rei

4th Kyu - Orange Belt

​Morote Seoi Nage - Two Arm Shoulder Throw
O Uchi Gari - Major Inner Reaping Throw
Ko Uchi Gari - Minor Inner Reaping Throw
Ashi Guruma - Leg Wheel
Hiza Guruma - Knee Wheel
De Ashi Harai - Advancing Foot Sweep​​

​Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame - Broken Upper Four Quarter Hold​
Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame - Broken Side Four Quarter Hold​​
​Ushiro Kesa Gatame - Reverse Scarf Hold
Nami Juji Jime - Normal Cross Strangle
​Kata Juji jime - Half Cross Strangle
Gyaku Juji Jime - Reverse Cross Strangle

Demonstrate 3 Counters
Demonstrate 3 Combinations
Demonstrate 2 Escapes from a Hold Down
Translate these words into English:
'Judogi', 'Obi', ‘Zori’, ‘Tatami’, ‘Tachi Waza’, 'Ne Waza’ and ‘Kuzushi

3rd Kyu - Green Belt

Harai Goshi - Sweeping Hip
O Guruma - Large Wheel
Seoi Otoshi - Shoulder Drop
Koshi Guruma - Hip Wheel
​Okuri Ashi Harai - Double Foot Sweep
Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi - Drawing Propping Ankle​
Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi - Sleeve Lifting Pulling Hip Throw

Ko Soto Gake - Minor Outer Hook
Tate Shiho Gatame - Over Hold
Juji Gatame - Cross Armlock
Ude Gatame - Straight Armlock
Ude Garami - Figure Four Arm Lock​
Hadaka Jime - Naked Strangle
Okuri Eri Jime - Sliding Collar Strangle

​​​Kata Ha Jime - One Wing Strangle
Demonstrate 4 Counters
Demonstrate 4 Combinations
Demonstrate 1 Turnover when Uki is in an ‘All Fours’ position  
Link together Two hold downs, keeping control of Uki

2nd Kyu - Blue Belt

​Uchi Mata - Inner Thigh
Morote Gari - Two Handed Reap
Tsuri Komi Goshi - Lifting Pulling Hip Throw
Tani Otoshi - Valley Drop
​Hane Goshi - Spring Hip
Te Guruma - Hand Wheel
Tomoe Nage - Stomach Throw
Yoko Tomoe Nage - Side Stomach Throw

Sumi Gaeshi - Corner Reversal
​Makura Kesa Gatame - Pillow Hold
Sangaku Gatame - Triangle Hold
Sode Guruma Jime - Sleeve Wheel Choke
​  Demonstrate 5 Counters
Demonstrate 5 Combinations
Demonstrate 2 Turnover when Uki is in an ‘All Fours’ position

Demonstrate 1 way to pass through Uki’s ‘Full Guard’ position  
Explain two reasons why a referee would call ‘Matte’ in a contest  
Explain two reasons why a referee would give a ‘Shido’ in a contest  
Explain two reasons why a referee would call ‘Hansoku Make’ in a contest

1st Kyu - Brown Belt

Ura Nage - Rear Throw
Kata Guruma - Shoulder Wheel
Uki Otoshi - Floating Drop
Maki Komi - Wrap Around Throw
Utsuri Goshi - Changing Hip
Ryo Hiza Seoi Otoshi - Drop Knee Shoulder Throw
Ushiro Goshi - Rear Throw

Yoko Otoshi - Side Drop
  Yama Arashi - Mountain Storm

  Sangaku Jime - Triangle Choke
Hiza Gatame - Knee Lock
​Ude Hishigi Te Gatame - Standing Straight Armlock
Waki Gatame - Armpit Entanglement
​  Demonstrate 6 Counters
Demonstrate 6 Combinations

  Demonstrate 2 Turnover when Uki is in a ‘Full Body Flat’ position​
Demonstrate any Tachi Waza leading into 1 Arm Lock, 1 Choke and 1 Hold Down
   First Set of Nage-No-KataUki Otoshi - Ippon Seoi Nage - Kata Guruma
Teach two techniques to a class, choosing appropriate technical skills for the age and experience of Judoka participating