Junior Grading Tools
Grading Syllabus for ages 8 through to 15.
Juniors wear coloured belts, with coloured tabs to indicate their  grade (coloured tabs match their next coloured belt). 
When students turn 16, they continue wearing their current grade until the next club gradings, when their grade transfer to Senior will be completed.

6th Kokyu - White Belt + Yellow Stripes

1 Yellow Stripe
Tai Otoshi - Body Drop
Kesa Gatame - Scarf Hold
Translate these words into English:
'Hajime', 'Matte' and 'Rei'

2 Yellow Stripes
O Goshi - Major Hip Throw
Kata Gatame - Shoulder Hold
Translate these words into English:
'Judoka', 'Sensei' and 'Dojo'

3 Yellow Stripes
Uki Goshi - Minor Hip Throw
Kami Shiho Gatame - Upper Four Quarter Hold
Translate these words into English:
'Judogi', 'Obi', 'Zori' and 'Tatami'

5th Kokyu - Yellow Belt + Orange Stripes

1 Orange Stripe
O Soto Gari - Major Outer Reaping Throw
Yoko Shiho Gatame - Side Four Quarters Hold
Translate these words into English:
'Kuzishi', 'Tachi Waza' and 'Ne Waza'

2 Orange Stripes
Ippon Seoi Nage - Single Arm Shoulder Throw
Kuzure Kesa Gatame - Broken Scarf Hold
Demonstrate the 4 basic direction of 'Kuzushi'

3 Orange Stripes
Morote Seoi Nage - Two Arm Shoulder Throw
Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame - Broken Side Four Quarter Hold
Demonstrate all 8  direction of 'Kuzushi'

Demonstrate 2 Counters
Demonstrate 2 Combinations
Demonstrate 1 escape from a hold down
Demonstate all of the above theory whilst moving with Uki

4th Kokyu - Orange Belt + Green Stripes

1 Green Stripe
O Uchi Gari - Major Inner Reaping Throw
Mune Gatame - Chest Hold
Ko Uchi Gari - Minor Inner Reaping Throw

2 Green Stripes
Hiza Guruma - Knee Wheel
Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame - Broken Upper Four Quarters Hold
Okuri Ashi Harai - Double Foot Sweep

3 Green Stripes
De Ashi Harai - Advancing Foot Sweep
Ushiro Kesa Gatame - Reverse Scarf Hold
Ashi Guruma - Leg Wheel

Demonstrate 3 Counters
Demonstrate 3 Combinations
Demonstrate 2 escapes from a hold down
Link together 2 hold downs, keeping control of Uki

3rd Kokyu - Green Belt + Blue Stripes

1 Blue Stripe
Harai Goshi - Sweeping Hip Throw
Makura Kesa Gatame - Pillow Hold
Uchi Mata - Inner Thigh

2 Blue Stripes
Ko Soto Gari - Minor Outer Reaping Throw
Tate Shiho Gatame - Over Hold
  Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi - Drawing Propping Ankle Sweep

3 Blue Stripes
Koshi Guruma - Hip Wheel
Seoi Otoshi - Shoulder Drop 
O Guruma- Large Wheel
Demonstrate 4 Counters
Demonstrate 4 Combinations
Demonstrate 1 turnover when Uki is in an 'All Fours' position
Demonstrate 1 Turn Over when Uki is in an ‘Full Body Flat’ position  
Maki Komi - Wrap Around Throw  
Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi - Sleeve Lifting Pulling Hip Throw
  Sangaku Gatame - Triangle Hold

2nd Kokyu - Blue Belt + Brown Stripes

1 Brown Stripe
Tani Otoshi - Valley Drop
Hane Goshi - Spring Hip     
Ryo Hiza Seoi Otoshi - Drop Knee Shoulder Throw

2 Brown Stripes
  Utsuri Goshi - Changing Hip  
Ura nage - Rear Throw  
Kata Guruma - Shoulder Wheel

3 Brown Stripes
  Tomoe Nage - Stomach Throw
Yoko Tomoe Nage - Side Stomach Throw     
Sumi Gaeshi - Corner Reversal

Demonstrate 5 Counters
Demonstrate 5 Combinations
Demonstrate 2 turnover when Uki is in an 'All Fours' position  
Demonstrate 1 way to pass through Uki’s ‘Full Guard’ position   
Explain two reasons why a referee would call ‘Matte’ in a contest
Explain two reasons why a referee would give a ‘Shido’ in a contest
Explain two reasons why a referee would call ‘Hansoku Make’ in a contest

1st Kokyu - Brown Belt + Black Stripes

1 Black Stripe   
Juji Gatame - Cross Arm Lock
Ude Garami - Figure Four Arm Lock
Ude Gatame - Straight Arm Lock

2 Black Stripes 
Hadaka Jime - Naked Strangle
Okuri Eri Jime - Sliding Collar Strangle
Kata Ha Jime - One Wing Strangle

3 Black Stripes  
Sode Guruma Jime - Sleeve Wheel Choke     
Sangaku Jime - Triangle Choke
Waki Gatame - Armpit Entanglement

Demonstrate 6 Counters
Demonstrate 6 Combinations
Yoko Otoshi - Side Drop
  Yama Arashi - Mountain Storm
Demonstrate any Tachi Waza leading into 1 Arm Lock, 1 Choke and 1 Hold Down
Teach a group of Judoka, ensuring key points are highlighted and good correction or pointers to improve technique
First Set of Nage-No-Kata: Uki Otoshi - Ippon Seoi Nage - Kata Guruma