Club News 2019


Inter Club Competition - April 2019

​   Battlehill Judo Club hosted an inter-club competition on Wednesday 15th May 2019. Four members of Butokokan Judo Club attended and had some excellent, tough fights.
   Each of our judoka gave their best efforts, as always. Results as follows:

Silver - Charlie Duddridge & Gracie Reed
Bronze - Jay Coleman & Ruby Reed

Masterclass with Gemma Gibbons - May 2019

   Six of Butokokan Judo Club's members attended a Masterclass session, with 2012 Olympic Silver Medallist Gemma Gibbons-Burton.
   Gemma focused much of her session around a technique that has given her much success as a judoka, Ouchi Gari. Gemma demonstrated her preferred grip, how to lead into that grip, and allowed judoka to practice within Randori towards the end. 
   After the session, Gemma gave autographs and took photographs, allowing judoka to hold and admire her olympic silver medal.
   Thank you to the organisers for a fantastic event!

ASDA Bag Pack - April 2019

​   Members of Butokokan Judo gave up some hours of their time to help us with an ASDA bag pack, raising some much needed funds for the club. 
   We assisted various shoppers at ASDA, packing their bags with smiles on our faces.
   Butokokan Judo would like to thank Fiona Floyd, Tom & John Common, Robyn & Mia Key, Anthony & Matthew Welch, Adam Douglass, Adam & Max Beckford, Ellie & Cal Mulligan, Ben van Denten, Leanne & Ava Douglass, Zac & Sharon Thain, Acey Bell, Jay Coleman, Stacy Wintrip, Jake & Gabriel Irvine, Emma & Nicky Wright, Loren & Karen Ord, Rudy & Sveta van Denten, Ruby & Gracie Reed and Peter Stanners for giving up an hour or two of your time to help us out

Grand total we raised was....... £708.56!! Fantastic result!

British Judo Council National Open Championships - May 2019

   Eight members of Butokokan Judo, along with supporting family and coaches travelled to Kettering Arena to take part in the National Open Championships of 2019. No medals this time round for Ruby & Gracie Reed, however both scored fantastic ippons in their retrospective pools, narrowly missing out on the final pool! Other results as follows:

Gold - Anthony Welch
Silver - Robyn Key & Jay Coleman
Bronze - Ellie Mulligan & Mia Key, 

North East Grand Prix 2 - April 2019

   Congratulations to all of our competitors at the second North East Grand Prix of 2019 on 28th April 2019 at Newbiggin Sports Centre. Some superb performances from our judoka, we are very proud coaches, and our medallists gaining more points for the Grand Prix leaderboard. Results as follows: 

Gold - Adam Beckford
Silver - Zac Thain
Bronze - Ellie Mulligan & Jay Coleman
Runners Up - Ava Douglass, Max Beckford, Ruby Reed, Gracie Reed, Acey Bell & Charlie Duddridge 

Easter Bonanza Session - April 2019

   Butokokan Judo held a 2 hour session for Easter, during which we worked on a few tachi waza and ne waza points, as well as a bit of Randori and fun for all!
   At the end of the session each student got an easter egg, and we also held a raffle, where Billy Davison won a white judo suit, Acey Bell won a blue judo suit, Ellie Mulligan won the large malteasers easter egg, and Adam Beckford won a book signed by the author and Team GB Coach Colin Oates.  
   Fantastic session held by all, and all completely free to our students!

6th Dan Promotion - April 2019

   As you are aware, 4 members of Butokokan Judo attended the Bushido Za Zen Martial Arts Society Easter Convention in Skegness. This year saw a promotion for our head coach, Michael Douglass, to 6th Dan.
   All at Butokokan Judo would like to congratulate Michael on this fantasic and well deserved achievement, after more than 40 years in judo. 

Bushido Easter Convention - April 2019

   Michael Douglass, Andrew Douglass, Rachael Douglass and Raymond Cook attended the Bushido Za Zen Martial Arts Society Easter Convention. This involved an hour and a half session of judo a day, between the 13th and 18th of April, in Skegness.
   This was a great chance to get in some good training sessions, as well as enjoyig a little holiday together!
   As always, we hope to do this again next year, and will release details closer to the time when caravans, etc are available to book, for any members of the club that wish to attend the next one. 


Spring Gradings - March 2019

   Butokokan Judo held an area gradings and course on 30th March 2019 at Newbiggin Sports & Community Centre. 
   Students who were grading were tested on their theory, as well as their competitive abilities in randori.
   The course was built a lot around Gripwork and building to your desired grip, as well as having some fun!

Development Competition - March 2019

  Well done to all of our competitors who entered the Low Grade & Development Competition at Newbiggin Sports Centre on Sunday10th March. Fantastic day all round! Results as follows:​​

Gold - Charlie Duddridge, Max Beckford, Ellie Mulligan & Gracie Reed
Silver - Adam Beckford & Zac Thain
Bronze - Ava Douglas, Ruby Reed & Jay Coleman


North East Grand Prix 1 - February 2019

​​  Well done to our competitors at the first North East Grand Prix of 2019, held at The Parks Sports Centre in North Shields, on Sunday 17th February! Some definite improvements being made by all of our competitors, keep up the hard work and effort! Results as follows:

Silver - Ellie Mulligan
Bronze - Zac Thain, Max Beckford & Jay Coleman
Runners Up - Ruby Reed, Gracie Reed, Adam Beckford & Mia Key

Paris Grand Slam - February 2019

​​   Coaches of Butokokan Judo travelled to Paris to watch the worlds top judoka take part in the Paris Grand Slam. This is one of the best events on the judo circuit, with elite players now fighting for qualification points for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
   We watched day 1 of the judo with the lighter weights taking to the mat, and spent another day getting in some sightseeing!
   Brilliant time had by all, hopefully to be done again some time!

South Shields Level 3 Competition - February 2019

   ​Three students from Butokokan Judo travelled the short journey to South Shields to take part in the BJA Level 3 & Point Scoring event. 
   Ben van Denten, Robyn Key & Mia Key all came away as Bronze medallists on the day! Well done!

Cancer Research UK Fundraising - February 2019

​   Butokokan Judo Club held 4 sessions dedicated to raising awareness and money for Cancer Research UK. In order to do this we asked for donations from our students (miniu of £2) to obtain a pink coloured belt.
   The 4 sessions we had dedicated to the cause, all of our students wore pink belts! Fantastic sessions, and as a result of this we managed to raide £81 for a fantastic cause!


Grand Prix Award Presentation - January 2019

​   Students of Butokokan Judo who have competed in the North East Judo Grand Prix events in 2018 came together with other judoka on 13th January 2019 at Tyne Youth and Community Centre.
   The sessions were ran by the competition organisers, Andrew Douglass of Butokokan Judo Club, Malcolm Young of Battlehill Judo Club, John Chrisp of Blyth Juno Michi & Duncan Stewart of The Parks Judo Club. 
   Awards were picked up by Ellie Mulligan and Jay Coleman based on the points they received whilst competing throughout the year!