Club News 2018


Boxing Day Dip - December 2018

   Some members of Butokokan Judo Club attended the Boxing Day Dip at Newbiggin Beach. This involved raising individual sponsorship for the club and running into the North Sea on Boxing Day to blow off the cobwebs!
   13 members took part in this, and their sponsorship will be used to help maintain Butokokokan Judo Clubs low costs, and will enable us to continue hosting well supported events throughout the year!

Low Grade Competition - December 2018

   Butokokan Judo had 15 members take part in the Development and Low Grade Competition at Newbiggin Sports Centre on Sunday 9th December 2018. Some fantastic judo and great first competitions for a few of our judoka! Results as follows:

Gold - Jay Coleman, Ruby Reed & Ava Douglas 
Silver - Max Beckford, Bridget Rouane, Sean Armstrong, Robyn Key & Ben van Denten
Bronze - Nicky Wright, Zac Thain, Gracie Reed, Adam Beckford, Charlie Duddridge, Andrew Duddridge & Anne-Marie Mitcheson

Christmas Presentation - December 2018

   Butokokan Judo celebrated our Christmas presentation on Saturday night, rewarding our judoka for all of their efforts throughout the year!
   As always, thanks to the team that continuously help out with day to day things as well as helping with our bigger events! Thank you from our coaches for our presents! And a huge thank you to all of you for turning up and supporting our events, it means the world to us and we could put these events on without your support!
   Everyone at the presentation got a selection box and a little something, with our big awards presented as follows:

Superstar of the Year - Ruby Reed
Spirit of Judo - Gracie Reed
Judoka’s Choice - Tom Common
Senior Champion - Molly Common
Junior Champion - Jay Coleman
Juvenile Champion - Max Beckford

Colin Oates Masterclass - November 2018

   Butokokan Judo hosted a North East Grand Prix Masterclass with GB Performance Coach Colin Oated on 25th November 2018 at Newbiggin Sports Centre. 
   Colin ran 2 sessions, one for under 14's and one for over 14's. On both sessions Colin helped judoka and made them think for themselves, using and building upon their own problem solving skills to develop their techniques.
   On the over 14 sessions Colin focused on Kumi-Kata (Grip Fighting). Colin emphasised the nature of dominating a fight with grips, as well as building to a point of being able to throw your opponent. 
   This was a fantastic, well supported session! Thank you to all that attended, and to Colin for running a fab sessions!

Autumn Gradings - November 2018

Congratulations to all judoka at the Gradings on 25th November 2018. We ran a joint Area Grading at Newbiggin Sports and Community Centre with Battlehill Judo Club, prior to our Colin Oates Masterclass. New grades as follows:

Juveniles (Under 8's - Red Belt)

2 Yellow Bars – Max Beckford
3 Yellow Bars – Charlie Duddridge

Juniors (8-15 Years Old - Coloured Belts and Bars)

6th Kokyu (White Belt)
1 Yellow Bar – Jake Irving, Gabriel Irving & Bridget Rouane
2 Yellow Bars - Josh Douglas
3 Yellow Bars – Adam Beckford, Zac Thaim, Olivia Lewis & Billy Davison 
5th Kokyu (Yellow Belt)
Yellow Belt – Lucas Kingdon & Ava Douglas
1 Orange Bar – Ruby Reed, Gracie Reed & Ellie Mulligan
4th Kokyu (Orange Belt)
Orange Belt – Andrew Duddridge
2 Green Bars - Tom Common
3rd Kokyu (Green Belt)
1 Blue Bar – Billy Bone
2nd Kokyu (Blue Belt)
2 Brown Bars – Acey Bell

Seniors (16 Years and Over - Coloured Belts)
5th Kyu (Yellow Belt) – Sean Armstrong

Armistice Day - November 2018

   Great session on Saturday 10th November, with some of our Judoka wearing a poppy on their judogi and donations amounting to £47.40 to go to the Royal British Legion. This was to mark Armistice Day and 100 Years since the end of World War 1. 
   Thank you to all of the judoka who bought a poppy and donated to the cause. We will be doing the same next year, and will give you all a bit more notice of poppies being available. 

North East Youth Open Championships - November 2018

   Well done to our competitors today at the NE Youth Open Judo Championships at The Parks Sports Centre. Some good fights demonstrated and our judoka pushin through! I’ve pinched some of your photos from Facebook as I didn’t get a chance to get any myself. Results as follows:

Silver - Ben van Denten, Robyn Key, Mia Key Adam Beckford and Max Beckford
Bronze - Zac Thain, Charlie Duddridge, Andrew Duddridge and Jay Coleman

North East Grand Prix 5 - October 2018

   Butokokan Judo Club had 5 competitors take part in the last North East Grand Prix Competition of the year at Benfield Sports Centre. Once again, we had some good performances and a lot of effort given in tough pools! The standard of the event has risen, and we have had a lot of students stepping up into to higher age category, but everyone continues to give it their best shot!  Results as follows:

Gold - Max Beckford & Ellie Mulligan
Silver - Jay Coleman 
Bronze - Adam Beckford & Mia Key

Netherlands Events - October 2018

     Butokokan Judo club travelled to the Netherlands with Battlehill Judo Club, for 5 members of our club to take part in their first international competitions on 13th and 14th October. 
   On the Saturday we travelled to Emmen, Drenth and fought in the Drenthe Open. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, Robyn Key was unable to compete. Ben Van Denten, Adam Douglass and Mia Key all put up top efforts in large categories and were unable to place. Molly Common had an emotional start with an excellent ippon win by Juji Gatame and bowed off the mat, only to be taken back onto the mat, the score removed and the fight to restart. Molly then went a waza-ari down, but pulled it back to take the victory, and took a bronze medal overall!
   On the Sunday we travelled to Alkmaar to take part in the Alkmaars International Open, this time with a full squad able to compete. Again, Adam, Ben Mia and Robyn put up strong fights against tough opponents (better performances than the Saturday too!) but were unable to place. gain, Molly earned a Bronze medal! 
   Fantastic experience for all involved. Thank you to Sue and Mala at Battlehill for organising such a successful trip!

Glasgow European Open - October 2018

   Seniors from Butokokan Judo Club as well as Battlehill Judo Club travelled to Glasgow on the first weekend of october to watch the Senior European Open event.
   Over the course of the weekend we witnessed some top class judo from the athletes, and some great wins for Team GB!

Masterclass with Owen Livesy - September 2018

   Butokokan Judo Club was due to host a Masterclass Event with Ashley McKenzie, who was bringing Owen Livesey to assist. Unfortunately, due to exceptional circumstances, Ashley was unable to attend. However, we were lucky to have Owen Livesy come and deliver a top Masterclass session for our Junior and Senior sessions, with everyone having a great time!

Sponsored Throw - September 2018

   Members of Butokokan Judo have once again taken part in the sponsored throw in order to raise some money for the club. The final total monye raised has not yet been counted, and the most throws are yet to be counted and verified! Watch this space....

North East Grand Prix 4 - September 2018

   Butokokan Judo Club had 8 competitors entered into the second last North East Grand Prix Competition of the year at Newbiggin Sports and Community Centre. Once again, we had some good performances and a lot of effort given in tough pools!  Results as follows:

Gold - Jay Coleman
Silver - Ava Douglas 
Bronze - Ellie Mulligan, Max Beckford
Runners up - Zac Thain, Adam Beckford, Andrew Duddridge & Tom Common

Quiz Night - September 2018

   Members of Butokokan Judo, friends and family attended a quiz night at the Old Ash Dene to raise money for Butokokan Judo Club. The pub hosts a charity quiz night each Tuesday, helping out different local causes each time. 
   Butokokan Judo Coaches and Staff would like to thank the Old Ash Dene for this, and for successfully raising in excess of £100 for the club!

August ​​

Fighting Films 30th Anniversary - August 2018

   Andrew, Rachael Michael and Neil travelled to Bristol to attend Fighting Films 30th Anniversary Party. 
   We first went to see the Fighting Films warehouse, in which suits are stocked and sent out, and also saw the area where a lot of Superstar Judo is filmed, along with the mats with names of the people featured in Superstar Judo. 
   After this we attended an afterparty in Bristol City Centre, where cwe spent more time chatting to those who work tirelessly to keep the customers happy. We learnt a lot about the business, where it started, how far its came, and its future direction. Great to see first hand how a company operates that has helped us a lot, in terms of mats, kits, belts, etc. We hope to continue working closely with Fighting Films in the future. 

Quiz Night and Family BBQ - August 2018

   Butokokan Judo club hosted 2 fundraising days in August. Both were held at Newbiggin Sports and Community Centre.
   Firstly, on Friday 10th August we held a Quiz Night. This was very successful with 12 teams taking part in the quiz, with some inventive team names and some high scores! Well done and thank you to all that took part.
   Secondly we held a family BBQ, with members of our tea cooking and serving the food. We also had a couple of games including the Welly Throw (Won by David Wright) and a few rounds of Sumo with the proper gear!
   All in all, a good fun couple of days, and we raised £217 to help 5 members get to Holland to fight in their first overseas event! Thanks to everyone that came and supported!

Tyne Low Grade Competition - August 2018

   Great day for our team on Sunday 5th August at the Tyne Low Grade Competition held at Tyne Youth and community Centre. Some extremely good performances from our Judoka as well as great team spirit! Results as follows:

Gold - Ruby Reed, Charlie Duddridge, Jay Coleman, Adam Beckford & Max Beckford.
Silver - Zac Thain & Tom Common.
Bronze - Gracie Reed, Ollie Bell & Ryan Caires.

North East Grand Prix 3 - July 2018

   Well done everyone at the Third North East Grand Prix event at Benfield Sports Centre! Lower numbers today, but still some very good fights! Keep up the hard work! Results as follows:

Gold - Matthew Welch
Silver - Adam Beckford & Ollie bell 
Bronze - Max Beckford, Ellie Mulligan & Andrew Duddridge
Runners up - Charlie Duddridge, Ryan Caires & Tom Common

Northern Area Pre-Cadet and Cadet Championships - July 2018

​Well done to all of our competitors today! Due to our coaches all running the event, refereeing, working the tables, etc, unfortunately we haven't got a list of results from this competition, but from what we have heard from other club members/etc, every competitor gave it a good try and there was some very good performances!


Summer Gradings - June 2018

   Well done to all who attended our area Gradings at Newbiggin Sports and Community Centre on 24th June 2018.
   Plenty of successful promotions, and a few of out younger judoka holding off grading and just attending the course, so they aren't graded too high too young, a very mature move. 

Blyth Juno Michi Open Championships - June 2018

   Butokokan Judo Club had 5 competitors take part in the Blyth Juno Michi Open Championships  at Benfield Sports Centre in Newcastle. Some fantastic performances from everyone! Results as follows:

Silver - Tom Common & Jay Coleman
Bronze - Ryan Caires & Andrew Duddridge
Runner Up - Charlie Duddridge

7th Birthday Presentation - June 2018

    Thanks to everyone for attending our 7th birthday presentation on Saturday night! We’ve come a long way in 7 years and it’s all down to the children, adults, parents, etc who support us and our club!
   We also had our first 1st Dan promotion since Andrew and Steve achieved theirs in 2009, by Molly Common. This is a fantastic achievement, congratulations Molly from all the coaches at Butokokan Judo.
   Newbiggin Community Fundraisers attended and presented the club with a cheque of £1200 which was raised over the last 3 months. Thank you to the fundraisers for this fantastic donation to the club!
   Well done to our award winners as below:

Paul Douglass Memorial Cup - Ellie Mulligan
Little Tigers Cup - Charlie Duddridge
Senior Champion - Robyn Key
Junior Champion - Matthew Welch
Juvenile Champion - Ava Douglas
Judokas Choice - Gracie and Ruby Reed
Area Referee - Rachael and Adam Douglass

BJA Cadet and Pre-Cadet Open - June 2018

   Well done to Ben van Denten, Robyn Key and Mia Key at the Cadet and Pre-Cadet Open at Gateshead Leisure Centre on Saturday 9th June! Ben came away with a silver medal, Robyn and Mia earned bronze medals retrospectively.
   Also, congratulations to coach Andrew Douglass on passing his exam, and is now a BJA Competition Recorder!

Coffee Morning - June 2018

    Thank you to everyone that came, helped out and supported our club at the coffee morning at The Central Club in Newbiggin on Saturday 9th June, and has done so for the duration of the fundraising by the Newbiggin Community Fundraisers. They will be totalling the money they have raised for the club since April, including this Coffee Morning and popping to the presentation to present us with our cheque!

Frazer Chamberlain Masterclass - June 2018

    Butokokan Judo Club planned on hosting a Masterclass with Ashley McKenzie and Frazer Chamberlain on Sunday 3rd June 2018. Unfortunately, Ashley had a last minute emergency he had to deal with so was unable to attend.
   However Frazer kindly still attended and ran a great class for the Juniors and second class for the Seniors. This involved technical work, as well as standing and ground randori for everyone to get involved in. 
   Feedback has been well received for the event, and Ashley has promised to come back another day for a seperate class! Thank you to all that attended and supported the event!

Cragside Challenge - May 2018

    Butokokan Judo have once again ran The Cragside Challenge, for the first time since 2000.
   Junior students arrived on the Friday night, we had some tea and went for a walk to the Adventure Park (which I think the adults may of enjoyed more than the kids!).
   On the Saturday morning we were up bright and early for a run on the paths around the lake, follwed by some breakfast, and on to the Village Hall in Rothbury for Judo Training where the Seniors met up with us. Training was from 9.30am-3pm with a stop for some lunch in between. All students worked extremely hard in warm conditions, so well done! After the judo we had a walk into Rothbury by the lake for a relax for the seniors and play in the park for the juniors before they returned back home. On the Saturday night the older juniors and seniors stayed overnight. We enjoyed a BBQ and relaxed after a hard day of judo.
   On Sunday we were awoken early for a run around the lake and on to the Hall for a randori session between 10 and 12.30. This consisted of 4 minute bouts of standing and groundwork. Needlessto say we were all knackered after this! We again had a chill out beside the lake after loading the mats into the van, and on the way back home stopped for a carvery at the Shoulder of Mutton.
   A very enjoyable weekend had by all, and we can't wait to do it all again next year!

Gainsborough Age-Banded Competition - May 2018

    Well done to all of our competitors at the Gainsborough Age Banded Competition on 20th May 2018. A different kind of competition, as judoka are sperated into categories of Age, and weight has no bearing on it. Results as follows:

Gold - Max Beckford, Matthew Welch & Emma Wright
Silver - Nicky Wright, Brooke Ager & Ben van Denten
Bronze - Jay Coleman, Ava Douglas & Mia Key
Runners Up - Charlie Duddridge, Zac Thain, Andrew Duddridge, Ellie Mulligan, Tom Common, Adam Beckford & Acey Bell

ASDA Bag Pack - May 2018

    Thank you to everyone that came and helped out with our bag pack at Asda on 19th May 2018. Due to the customers of Asda's genorosity, we managed to raise a massive £714.68!  ​​
   This money will be put back into the club to help us continue to run events at a low cost, benefitting all of our members. 

Goole Competitive Dan Grading - May 2018

   Butokokan Judo had 5 brown belts travel to Goole Leisure Centre to take part in a competitive Dan Grading, hoping the gain some points towards their black belts!
   Molly Common and Robyn Key both won 3 fights each to come away with thirty points, leaving Molly only 20 points away! 
   Anthony Welch and Adam Douglass both won 1 fight each, adding 10 ore points onto their tally's.
   Unfortunately no points on this occasion for Rachael Douglass, but plenty to work on for future attempts!

North East Grand Prix 2 - May 2018

    Well done to all of our competitors at the second North East Grand Prix of the year at Newbiggin Sports Centre on 6th May 2018. Some lovely judo from some of you, and some things to take back to the club and work on! Results as follows:

Gold - Ellie Mulligan & Matthew Welch
Silver - Jay Coleman
Bronze - Ben van Denten, Adam Beckford & Emma Wright
Runners Up - Tom Common, Max Beckford, Nicky Wright, Mia Key, Charlie Duddridge, Andrew Duddridge, Ava Douglass, Brooke Ager, Harris Millar, Finlay Millar, Zac Thain, Ruby Reed, Gracie Reed & Ryan Caires

BJC Newcastle Area Competition - April 2018

   Butokokan Judo had 10 competitors enter the Newcastle Area BJC Open Championships (with an added few come along for support). Well done to all of our competitors. They were competing under slightly different rules to what they are used to but all adapted and fought well! Results as follows:

Gold - Matthew Welch & Mia Key
Silver - Ellie Mulligan (X2), Jay Coleman, Tom Common & Mia Key
Bronze - Ava Douglas, Andrew Duddridge, Robyn Key &Anthony Welch
Runner Up - Charlie Duddridge

Katamne-No-Kata - April 2018

   On Sunday April 8th, Andrew and Rachael attended a Katamne-No-Kata course at Seghill Judo Club. Mala Young took the session, and took the judoka through the full Kata, breaking it down at each set and explaining how to get into the various hold-downs, chokes, and joint locks, and also took the time to explain each of uke's attempted escapes from these. 
   This was a very informative course which Andrew and Rachael enjoyed (even if it was a bit hard on the knees!!).

Airbox Bounce and Bowling Trip - April 2018

   We had 45 students and parents attend a day out to Airbox Bounce, followed by a bite to eat and bowling at Concordia Leisure Centre in Cramlington. This was on Saturday 7th April following the closure over Easter, and was well attended for both events, with our judoka and families all enjoying themselves! We had some very red faces and tired out children (and adults) by the end of the day!
   Keep an eye out for the next trip, and let us know if you have any ideas for fun days out we could organise as a team!

Bushido Easter Convention - April 2018

   Michael Douglass, Andrew Douglass, Rachael Douglass, Adam Douglass and Molly Common travelled to Skegness to take part in the Bushido Zazen Martial Art Societies Easter Convention. This was from 30th March 2018 until 6th April 2018. with 6 sessions of judo at a hour and a half each. This course was a lot of fun, and enables our judoka to showcase their skills to the society. 
   On a side note they also enjoyed a mini golf tournament thoughout the week, and various games, miss hits and hole-in-ones later, Andrew was crowned the winner!

Newbiggin Kite Festival - April 2018

   On Sunday 1st April, Newbiggin Community Fundraisers arranged a Tombola to raise money for Butokokan Judo. This took place within the Maritime Centre in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. Fiona Floyd and Tom Common attended the Tombola and offered support, and donations the club hadreceived were put out as prizes. Around 13 families of the club attended to show their support as well. The money raised will be going into a pot to be given to the club at the end of a 3 month fundraising period. 

Judoka of the Month - March 2018

   Well done to our Judoka's of the Month for March!
   At Newbiggin, Ruby Reed took the medal. This is due to her continued development during sessions. Ruby always pays attention, asks relevant questions, and works hard! This is very well demonstrated as at the most recent competition, where Ruby earned a Gold Medal! Well done and keep it up!
   At Ashington we were too busy giving out Easter Eggs that we didn't quite get time to award Judoka of the Month.. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten who deserves it and will award this on our first session back in April!

Nage-No-Kata Course - March 2018

   On Sunday 25th March, Andrew, Rachael and Molly attended a Nage-No-Kata course at Tyne Youth and Community Centre. Dermot Heslop hosted the session, and took the judoka through the full Kata, breaking it down at each technique, allowing judoka sufficient time to practice to remember the movements and positioning of each set. 
   This course gave Molly and Rachael a good insight into what is needed for their 1st Dans, and signed it off for all 3 for their technical requirements. 

Tyne Low Grade Competition - March 2018

   Well done to all of our competitors on Saturday 24th March at the Tyne Low Grade Competition, we had some really good efforts . Just remember the more effort you put into your training at sessions the better you will get. That means we need to see more hard work and less messing about!. Results as follows:

Gold - Adam Beckford & Ruby Reed
Silver - Ava Douglas, Billy Davison, Ellie Mulligan & Tom Common
Bronze - Ryan Caires, Andrew Duddridge, Jay Coleman & Charlie Welsh
4th Place - Max Beckford, Charlie Duddridge, Gracie Reed, Brooke Ager, Jessica Weallens, Lucas Kingdon & Zac Thain

British Schools Championships - March 2018

   On Saturday 10th March Robyn and Mia Key travelled to Sheffield English Institute of Sport to compete in the 2018 British Schools Championships. Ben Van Denten was also entered but unfortunately had to pull out due to sickness.
   Unfortunately no medals for the girls on this occasion. Both lost their first fight which put them into the repecharge system. Both Robyn and Mia came back much stronger in their second fights, but were unfortunate to be beaten, Well done ladies, solid effort from both of you as usual!

Judoka of the Month - February 2018

   Well done to our Judoka's of the Month for February!
   At Newbiggin, Ava Douglas has made vast improvements to her work ethic, theory and contest. Her confidence has grown so much and she has come on leaps and bounds!
   At Ashington Brooke Ager has also been shining through, always working hard with a smile on her face, and giving her all in competitions!
   Well done to both of you! These girls can!

Winter Gradings - February 2018

Congratlations to all judoka at the Gradings on 25th February 2018. We had exactly 50 students attend our Area Grading and Course at Newbiggin Sports and Community Centre. For those Grading the hard work is paying off! New grades as follows:

Juveniles (Under 8's - Red Belt)
1 White Bar – T.J Aynsley, Finlay Millar, Sammy Shaw, & Lydia Longstaff.
3 White Bars – Shannon Balsdon & Max Beckford
1 Yellow Bar - Charlie Duddridge & Shane Pattie
2 Yellow Bars – Joel Charlton
1 Orange Bar – Billy Davison & Ava Douglas

Juniors (8-15 Years Old - Coloured Belts and Bars)
6th Kokyu (White Belt)
1 Yellow Bar – Oliver Bell, Lily Abbey, Harry Shaw, Zac Thain, Harris Millar & Adam Beckford 
2 Yellow Bars - Jessica Weallens, James Teasdale, Olivia Lewis, Ruby Reed & Gracie Reed
3 Yellow Bars – Lucas Kingdon, Ellie Mulligan & Brooke Agar
5th Kokyu (Yellow Belt)
Yellow Belt – Sam Armstrong
1 Orange Bar – Lucy Connon
2 Orange Bars – Luke Lansbury & Andrew Duddridge, 
3 Orange Bars – Charlie Welsh
4th Kokyu (Orange Belt)
Orange Belt – Jay Coleman & Nicky Wright, 
1 Green Bar - Matthew Welch & Tom Common
3rd Kokyu (Green Belt)
Green Belt – Billy Bone
2nd Kokyu (Blue Belt)
Blue Belt – Acey Bell
1st Kokyu (Brown Belt)
3 Black Bars – Ben Van Denten & Mia Key

Seniors (16 Years and Over - Coloured Belts)
5th Kyu (Yellow Belt) – Peter Stanners, Darryl Longstaff & Michael Welsh
1st Kyu (Brown Belt) – Neil Hedley, Anthony Welch & Robyn Key

North East Grand Prix 1 - February 2018

    Well done to all of our competitors at the first North East Grand Prix of the year at Benfield Sports Centre on 18th February 2018. Some very tough fights and some big pools, but you all tried your best and that’s what matters!! Results as follows:​​

Gold - Max Beckford, Ellie Mulligan, Jay Coleman & Matthew Welch 
Bronze - Ava Douglass & Andrew Duddridge
Runners Up - Charlie Duddridge, Zac Thain, Ryan Caires, Shane Pattie, Billy Davison, Tom Common, Adam Beckford, Brooke Ager, Emma Wright & Mia Key

Butokokan Judo Recognised for Community Work - February 2018

    Butokokan Judo have been recently awarded a grant from the Community Chest scheme, run by Northumberland County Council, and were presented with a certificate by Councillor Liz Simpson at their local area council meeting at the Briardale Centre, Blyth.
   Michael Douglass, Andrew Douglass, and Neil Hedley were in attendance to receive the certificate. All of Butokokan Judo's coaching staff and judoka are extremely grateful for the support from the council, without the funding the club wouldn't be progressing as it is!

Nekoda Davies Masterclass - February 2018

   We had 12 students of Butokokan Judo attend a Masterclass with Nekoda Davies, assisted by Stuart McWatt, Both on Team GB's competitive circuit. 
   Tom Common, Matthew Welch, Jessica Weallens, Brooke Agar, Gracie Reed and Ruby Reed attended the Junior session, whereby Nekoda took them through her hopping Ouchi Gari technique and variations. 
   Andrew Douglass, Rachael Douglass, Adam Douglass, Molly Common, Robyn Key and Mia Key attended the Over 14's session, with Nekoda showing her variations on grip breaking, O Soto Gari and Ouchi Gari and a Ne-Waza drill to untrap the legs. 
   Both sessions included some randori, as well as a question and answer session with Nekoda and Stuart. 

Technical Grading 3 - February 2018

   On Sunday 4th February, Andrew Douglass, Rachael Douglass, Adam Douglass and Molly Common attended the Technical Grading 3 Course at Tyne Youth and Community Centre. 
   This course is designed to run through the theory required for Dan Drading purposes, to coaches are able to provide the relevant information to judoka, and for judoka to establish what they know and what they need to work on.
   All students took a lot away from the course and will continue working on this for when the time comes to go for their Dan Grades. 


Judoka of the Month - January 2018

   Well done to our Judoka's of the Month for January!
   At Newbiggin, Max Beckford has impressed with his progression, in both competitive and technical aspects.
   At Ashington we couldn’t separate Gracie and Ruby Reed, twins and the pair of them are excelling with their technical abilities and giving competitions a good go!
   Well done to the three of you! Very well deserved!

Club Competition - January 2018

   On Saturday 28th January, Butokokan Judo held a small competition with 32 entrants attending Ashington YMCA, between both parts of our club. This is a great opportunity for some competition practice, especially for the judoka with less experience. Results as follows:
Gold - Max Beckford, Billy Davison, Lucas Kingdon, Ava Douglas, Adam Beckford, Brooke Agar, Acey Bell, Jay Coleman, Matthew Welch, Mia Key & Acey Bell, 
Silver - T.J. Aynsley, Ryan Caires, Owen Thompson, Ellie Mulligan, Harris Millar, Ruby Reed, James Teasdale, Tom Common, Nicky Wright, Emma Wright & Luke Lansbury
3rd Bronze - Zach Lasseter, Zac Thain, Shane Pattie, Jessica Weallens, Max Hankin, Gracie Reed, Sam Armstrong, Luke Lansbury, Brooke Agar, Matthew Welch
4th Bronze - Finlay Millar, Matthew Welsh, Lucy Connon, Charlie Welsh & Nicky Wright, 
5th Place - Shayla McCarthy & James Teasdale

Northern British Schools Regional Championships - January 2018

   On Saturday 20th January, 3 students of Butokokan Judo travelled to Southlands Leisure Centre in Middlesborough to take part in the British Schools Regional Championships.
   Robyn Key gained a Gold medal in her category, earning priority entry to the British Schools Finals in Sheffield in April. 
   Mia Key and Ben Van Denten both jad some tough fights and came out with Bronze medals, just missing out on the priority entry. 
   They all know what the event is like, having entered last year, and now know what they need to work on this time round. Time to get back to training and competing ahead of the main event in April!

Grand Prix Award Presentation - January 2018

   On Sunday 14th January any student who attended a Grand Prix competition was invited to attend a Course and Presentation at Tyne Youth & Community Centre, Free of Charge.
  The course was split into 4 sections, Ne-Waza, Ne-Waza Randori, Tachi Waza, and Tachi Waza Randori, followed by some games. Each of the organisers was able to run the course successfull.
   This was then followed by the Presentation, in which 3 of our students were in the top 30 point scorers, and therefore was awarded a Golden Ticket. Robyn Key, Mia Key, and Ben Van Denten are now able to attend any North East Grand Prix free of charge. 

Nage-No-Kata Course - January 2018

   On Sunday January 7th, Andrew and Rachael attended a Nage-No-Kata course at Seghill Judo Club. Mala Young took the session, and took the judoka through the full Kata, breaking it down at each set and explaining how and why you make certain movements.
   This was a very informative course, especially to brown belts hoping to go for their Dan Grades, as Kata is a vital part of Dan Grading.