News 2017


Boxing Day Dip - December 2017

   On Tuesday 26th December at 11am, 16 students of Butokokan Judo took part in the Boxing Day Dip, organised by Newbiggin RNLI at Newbiggin Beach. THis involved running into the freezing North Sea for a few minutes! Thank you to Anne-Marie Mitcheson for the idea, and to all who took part! We will post how much was raised when we get the final tally by 16th January 2018! 

Christmas Presentation - December 2017

   Around 70 of Butokokan Judo's students attended the Christmas Presentation, held at Newbiggin Sports Centre on Saturday 9th December 2017. This presentation documents our judoka's achievements throughout the year and awards those that stood out. We would also like to thank the organisers and all parents/students for our christmas presents! Awards given out:

Superstar of the Year - Robyn Key
Judoka's Choice - Tom Common
Senior Champion - Molly Common
Junior Champion - Ben Van Denten
Juvenile Champion - Ellie Mulligan
Spirit of Judo - Charlie Duddridge
Thank You's - Fiona Floyd, John Common, Steve Smith, Neil Hedley, Anthony Welch, Molly Common, Adam Douglass and Dave Wright

BJA British National Championships - December 2017

   On Saturday 2nd December and Sunday 3rd December, three students from Butokokan Judo travelled to the Sheffield English Institute of Sport to compete in the BJA Cadet National Championships.
   Ben Van Denten was first up, fighting on day one, with Mia Key and Robyn Key fighting on day two. All competitors put their hearts on the mat and fought their best in their first national championshops, with 2 fights each. 
   On Saturday 9th Decemeber Molly Common travelled for the same event, entering in the Junior category. Molly have four tough fights, and gave some of the competitors a good run. 
   Unfortunately no medals this time for any of our judoka, but a valuable experience has been gained. 

Low Grade Competition - November 2017

   Butokokan Judo had 17 judoka enter a low grade novice competition on 26th November hosted by Battlehill Judo. For a lot of our competitors this was their first competition and they all gave it a good go. As coaches, we are super proud of all of our competitors, as their was some massive personal achievements and great performances! Well done everyone!! Results as follows:

Silver - Anne-Marie Mitcheson, Charlie Duddridge, Shane Pattie, Ava Douglas, Adam Beckford & Ruby Reed
Bronze - T.J. Aynsley, Finlay Millar, Harris Millar, Max Beckford, Zac Thain, Max Hankin, Joel Mills, James Teasdale, Charlie Welsh, Gracie Reed & Shayla Mccarthy

BJC NE Youth Championships - November 2017

   On Sunday 12th November, Butokokan Judo had 12 students entered into the BJC North East Youth Championshops at the Parks Sports Centre, We had some excellent results at this tournament with all judoka stepping on the mat and having fun, as well as winning some fights! Resilts as follows:

Gold - Lucy Connon, Jay Coleman, Matthew Welch, Robyn Key & Molly Common
Silver - Ellie Mulligan & Billy Davison
Bronze - Max Beckford & Adam Beckford
Runners Up - Mason Robinson, Tom Common & Lucas Kingdon

Tyne and Wear Development Competition - November 2017

   On Saturday 11th November, four of our seniors attended a BJA competition at Tyne Youth and Community Centre. All put in strong performances, with some personal achievements gained. Adam Douglass pulled off a throw he has been drilling repeatedly in sessions, and Anthony Welch entered his first competition outside of the club, even winning a fight with 2 waza-ari scores on the board when his opponent was disqualified. Molly Common, Anthony Welch, Rachael Douglass and Adam Douglass all placed as joint Bronze.

North East Grand Prix at Blyth Juno Michi - October 2017

   Congratulations to all of our competitors at the last North East Grand Prix event of the year at Westgate Sports Centre, hosted by Blyth Juno Michi. As always our judoka got up and gave it a go, with some good judo and some things to take back to the club and work on! Resilts as follows:

Gold - Kay Coleman, Mia Key and Ben Van Denten
Silver - Ellie Mulligan
Bronze - Ava Douglas, Matthew Welch, Adam Beckford, Acey Bell & Robyn Key
Runners Up - Maisie Langan, Charlie Duddridge. Max Beckford & Andrew Duddridge

Masteclass with Natalie Powell - October 2017

   On Saturday 14th October, Butokokan Judo hosted a successful Masterclass with Team GB's Natalie Powell. Natalie fights in the Under 78kg categories, is currently the IJF Ranked Number 2 in the World, and has recently secured a bronze medal in the World Championships. 
   Natalie took 2 session and showed various throws, that have worked for her, from her preferred grip, and focused on getting the key points right with all involved. 
   We have received a lot of positive feedback from this course, with judoka travelling from all over the North East to attend

Bushido Zazen Junior Nationals - October 2017

   Congratulations to all of our competitors at the Bushido Zazen Junior Nationals in High Wycombe! Some fantastic judo from our judoka and even more so they all got up, gave it their best, and didn't give up! Excellent effort team! Results as follows:

Gold - Ben Van Denten, Robyn Key & Matthew Welch
Silver - Nicky Wight & Charlie Duddridge
Bronze - Tom Common, Jay Coleman, Acey Bell & Mia Key...
Runners Up - Ava Douglas, Lucy Connon, Emma Wright & Andrew Duddridge

Funding Filming - September 2017

   On Tueday 26th September we had a small bit of filming at the club, showing how Northumberland County Councils grant money helped us raise enough money to purchase a new mat area. This enable us to extend the life of our training area, and have enough mats to host regular masterclasses and competitions! Featured in the filming were Andrew Douglass, Rachael Douglass, Robyn Key, Mia Key, Acey Bell and Nicky Wright.

Area Gradings - September 2017

   Well done everyone who took part in our gradings and Masterclass with Team GB's Colin Oates on 24th September 2017! Great attendance by you all and a lot of effort put in! Thanks for all the help from our usual team to organise this and let it run smoothly. We also had a raffle and raised £60 for the club, with Adam Beckford walking away with a GIANT Teddy Bear! Well Done!

Juvenilles (Under 8's - Red Belt)
1 White Bar - Zac Thain, Maisie Langan, Max Beckford & Adam Beckford
2 White Bars - Shane Pattie & Shannon Balsdon
3 White Bars - Charlie Duddridge
1 Yellow Bar - Joel Charlton
2 Yellow Bars - Ava Douglass & Olivia Lewis
3 Yellow Bars - Billy Davison

Juniors (8-15 Years Old - Coloured Belts)
6th Kokyu (White Belt)

1 Yellow Bar - Joel Mills, Ellie Mulligan, Brooke Ager & James Teasdale
2 Yellow Bars - Lucas Kingdon
3 Yellow Bars -  Sam Armstrong, & MAson Robinson
5th Kokyu (Yellow Belt)
Yellow Belt - Lucy Connon
1 Orange Bar - Andrew Duddridge & Luke Lansbury
2 Orange Bars - Matthew Willis
3 Orange Bars - Nicky Wright
4th Kokyu (Orange Belt)
Orange Belt - Tom Common & Matthew Willis
3 Green Bars - Billy Bone
3rd Kokyu (Green Belt)
3 Blue Bar - Emma Wright
3 Blue Bars - Acey Bell
1st Kokyu (Brown Belt)
2 Black Bars - Mia Key
3 Black Bars - Robyn Key

16 Years and Over (Seniors - Coloured Belts)
4th Kyu (Orange Belt) - Graham Charlton
3rd Kyu (Green Belt) - Leanne Douglas & Anne-Marie Mitcheson

North East Grand Prix at Butokokan Judo - September 2017

   On Saturday 23rd August Butokokan Judo hosted the 4th North East Grand Prix event. This was a very succesful event with 150 competitors from all over the North East. Thank you to all involved in making the event successful! 
   Our club had 14 competitors of which 10 came away with medals! Well donw to all that participated! Results as follows:

Gold - Mia Key & Matthew Welch
Silver - Robyn Key, Ben Van Denten, Acey Bell & Ellie Mulligan
Bronze - Tom Common, Andrew Duddridge, Ava Douglas & Brooke Ager
Runners Up - Jay Coleman, Mason Robinson, Charlie Duddridge & Jessica Weallens

TV Appearance - September 2017

   Members of Butokokan Judo were featured on a TV programme on Tuesday 12th September, '100 Year Old Drivers' on ITV follows older drivers as they take a driving toest to assess their performance to see if they pose any risks by still being on the roads. Sensei Jack Hearn visited our club to give an insight into his life, being 93 and still being able to take part in Judo and throw people half his age and twice his size!

Sponsored Throw - September 2017

    During the week beginning 11th September Judoka completed a sponsored throw, seeing how many throws could be completed in 1 minute to raise some money for the club. This event has been an annual tradition and always sees judoka get a little competitive as to who can get the most throws! Adam Douglass has broken the record this year, hitting a massive 35 throws in 1 minute. Well done! In total our judoka have raised £1258.66 which is amazing ! Thank you to all that took part in raising this money for the club, it all goes a long way!


Level 1 Coach Award - August 2017

   On Sunday 20th August, four members of Butokokan Judo travelled to York Railway Institute to attend their Level 1 Coaching Award Assessments. Adam Douglass, Molly Common, Anthony Welch and Neil Hedley all attended a weekend course, learning new techiques of coaching etc, and then put those skills to the test in August. We are pleased to announce that all passed and are now qualified Level 1 Judo Instructors! Well done guys!

Design a Medal Finalist - August 2017

   All members and coaches of Butokokan Judo would like to extend their congratulation to Robyn Key, coming 2nd out of many entries for the British Judo Design a Medal competition. We would also like to give thanks to everyone who got behind Robyn and voted! To come second out of all the entries is a brilliant achievement!

Battlehill Beginners Competition - August 2017

    On Saturday 5th August, Butokokan Judo had 17 Competitors travel to Tynemount Youth & Community Centre to take part in a Beginners Cometition. For a lot of judoka it was their very first competition outside of the club and there was some strong performances! Results as follows:

Gold - Shane Pattie
Silver - Billy Davison & Brooke Ager
Bronze - Michael Welsh, Graham Charlton, Charlie Welsh, Joel Charlton, Mason Robinson, Olivia Lewis, Ava Douglass, Ellie Mulligan, Maisie Langan, Adam Beckford, Max Beckford, Harris Millar, Charlie Duddridge, Jessica Weallens


School's Out Rumble - July 2017

    On Friday 21st July, Butokokan Judo hosted a Competition for members of our Newbiggin and Ashington clubs. The aim of this is to give all of our members some contest experience so they can know what to expect in other local competitions. Some excellent performances on the night! Well done to all that participated, and special well done to two little superstars with some fab judo, Brooke Ager and Mason Robinson! Results as follows:

Gold - Brooke Ager, Mason Robinson, Sam Armstrong, Olivia Lewis, Matthew Welch, Shane
          Pattie, Lucy Connon, Charlie Duddridge, Tom Common, Robyn Key & Ben Thompson
Silver - Jessica Bond, Lucas Kingdom, Andrew Duddridge, Ellie Mulligan, Luke Lansbury, Max
            Beckford, Jessica Weallans, Billy Davison, Matthew Willis, Mia Key & Matthew Welch
Bronze - Kacey Carr, Joel Charlton, Harris Millar, Jack Ballantine, Adam Beckford, Ava 
              Douglass, Maisie Langan, Nicky Wright (X2), Jacob Mills, Zac Thain, Charlie Welsh 
              & Emma Wright

Design a Medal Finalist - July 2017

   Our very own Robyn Key has had her medal design shortlisted to be used this year in the British Judo National Championships in December!
   Can everyone please get behind her and use the link below to vote for her design?? Any support would be much appreciated! Please see the photo for her design on the left, and feel free to share the link get as many votes as possible!  Well done Robyn!

Fordley North East Grand Prix - July 2017

    On Sunday 16th July, Fordley Judo Club hosted the third North East Grand Prix. This event is open to all associations, the first of its kind in the North East.
   7 Students of Butokokan Judo attended, in order to try and earn points to get onto a leaderboard, whereby the top scorers will be awarded in a presentation January 2018. Some great Judo was produced on this day. Results as follows:

Gold - Ben Van Denten
Silver - Matthew Welch, Mia Key & Robyn Key
Bronze - Andrew Duddridge
5th Place - Tom Common & Acey Bell


Masterclass with Gemma Gibbons & Euan Burton in York - June 2017

   On Saturday 24th June, five members of Butokokan Judo travelled to York Railway Institute to attend a Masterclass with  Team GB's Euan Burton and Gemma Gibbons, hosted by Old Priory Judo Club. 
   All students had fun learning the techniques the top athletes showed them, techniques which have helped them to gain various medals at international level!

Northumberland Beginners Competition - June 2017

   On Sunday 18th June Charlie Duddridge and Lucas Kingdom travelled to Morpeth School in Blyth to compete in their first competition outside of the club. This event was a great stepping stone for them and they both gave it their all! Well done! Results as follows:

Silver - Charlie Duddridge
Bronze - Lucas Kingdom

Birthday Presentation - June 2017

   Thanks to everyone for coming to our Birthday Presentation night on 17th June 2017! This presentation marks our 6th successful year running, and we couldn't do it without our judoka stepping on the mat, and this is our chance to give thanks to you, and award those who have shone throughout the year. The awards given out include the Paul Douglass Memorial Trophy, Little Tigers Cup and Star Awards. This year is also the first time of awarding the Judoka's Choice, chosen by our judoka themselves! The awards went out as follows:

Paul Douglass Memorial Trophy - Acey Bell
Little Tigers Cup - Billy Davison
Judoka's Choice - Emma Wright
Star Awards - Tom Common, Matthew Welch, Luke Lansbury, Sam Armstrong & Ben Van     

Area Gradings - June 2017

   Well done everyone who took part in our grading today! Some fantastic theory from you all, and a great rate of attendance! 1
   A first time grading for a lot of you, and you all did superb (as did our usual culprits)! Thanks for all the help from our usual team to organise this and let it run smoothly.

Juvenilles (Under 8's - Red Belt)
1 White Bar - Harris Millar, Ollie Carr, Ellie Mulligan, Shane Pattie & Shannon Balsdon
2 White Bars - Charlie Duddridge & Joel Charlton
1 Yellow Bar - Olivia Lewis, Ava Douglass, Ryan Caires & Billy Davison

Juniors (8-15 Years Old - Coloured Belts)
6th Kokyu (White Belt)

1 Yellow Bar - Owen Thompson, Jessica Bond, Kacey Carr, Jack Ballantine, Jessica Weallens, 
                       Lucas Kingdom & Mason Robinson
2 Yellow Bars - Sam Armstrong, Charlie Palmer & Jack White
3 Yellow Bars -  Lucy Connon
5th Kokyu (Yellow Belt)
Yellow Belt - Ben Thompson, Luke Lansbury & Andrew Duddridge
1 Orange Bar - Matthew Willis & Jay Coleman,  
2 Orange Bars - Nicky Wright
3 Orange Bars - Tom Common & Matthew Welch
4th Kokyu (Orange Belt)
2 Green Bars - Billy Bone
3rd Kokyu (Green Belt)
1 Blue Bar - Emma Wright
2 Blue Bars - Acey Bell
1st Kokyu (Brown Belt)
Brown Belt - Mia Key
1 Black Bar - Robyn Key
2 Black Bars - Ben Van Denten

16 Years and Over (Seniors - Coloured Belts)
5th Kyu (Yellow Belt) - Grant McGregor, Graeme Charlton & Andrew Rudd
4th Kyu (Orange Belt) - Leanne Douglas

BJC Competiton - June 2017

   On Saturday 10th June 7 competitors travelled to The Parks Sports Centre, North Shields, to take part in the BJC Open Championships. Some great fights and techniques used. Results as follows:

Gold - Robyn Key & Ben Van Denten
Silver - Tom Common, Molly Common & Adam Douglass
Competitors Medals - Acey Bell & Jay Coleman


ASDA Bag Pack - May 2017

   Members of the club attended a bag pack organised by Neil Hedley, our treasurer, in order to raise funds for the club. These funds are going towards the cost of purchasing some safety mats for our Ashington club, as we currently don't  have any there!
   In the 4 hour slot we had, we were allowed 8 tills at any one time, and we managed to raise a fantastic £697.25.
   A big thank you to all of our helpers, parents and judoka, throughout the day! We wouldnt of managed to raise anything if it wasnt for you guys pitching in!

Gainsborough Age Banded Competition - May 2017

Well done to all of our competitors today at Gainsborough Age Competition! Shout out to Tom Common with two fantastic ippons, pointed out by other people as well as our club! Results as follows:

Gold - Robyn Key, Emma Wright & Matthew Welch
Silver - Mia Key
Bronze - Nicky Wright & Jay Coleman
Runners Up - Tom Common, Acey Bell, Ben Van Denten & Jack Wight

Bushido Za-Zen Martial Arts Society Easter Convention - April 2017

   Michael, Andrew and Rachael Douglass, as well as juniors Jay Coleman and Lucy Connon travelled to Skegness to paticipate in the Bushido Za-Zen Martial Arts Society's Easter Convention. This is a week to participate in as many martial arts as you like, and to train for a week in your chosen art.
   All five from Butokokan Judo were on all of the judo mats, and put some real effort into the techniques. This resulted in Rachael Douglass being awarded the Paul Douglass Memorial Trophy at the end of the week, for her strong perfomances both on and off the mat throughout the year, as well as what the comitee saw of her during the week. Well done!

British Schools Championships - April 2017

   On Saturday 8th April and Sunday 9th April, Mia Key, Robyn Key, Ben Van Denten, Adam Douglass and Molly Common fought in the British Schools Championships at the Sheffield English Institute of Sport. Molly Common and Robyn Key both secured medals. Unfortunately, no medals for Mia Key, Ben Van Denten or Adam Douglass, but some solid strong performances, and a great experience had by all! Results below:

Silver - Molly Common
Bronze - Robyn Key

The Parks North East Grand Prix - April 2017

   On Saturday 1st April, The Parks Judo Club hosted the second North East Grand Prix. This event is open to all associations, the first of its kind in the North East.
   11 Students of Butokokan Judo attended, in order to try and get points to get onto a leaderboard, whereby the top scorers will be awarded in a presentation January 2018. Some great Judo was produced on this day. Results as follows:

Gold - Robyn Key & Ben Van Denten
Silver - Mia Key
Bronze - Lucy Connon, Andrew Duddridge, Acey Bell & Matthew Welch
Runners Up - Tom Common, Jay Coleman, Jack White & Matthew Willis

Gradings - March 2017

   Well done everyone who took part in our grading today! Some fantastic theory from people, especially our Seniors who were petrified leading up to today and smashed it when it counted!  Also a first time at coaching for some of our older juniors which was excellent!
   You should all be so proud of yourselves and keep up the good work but always look to improve as that's what great Judoka do! Thanks for all the help from our usual team to organise this and let it run smoothly. This is one great Judo family to be part of and days like this prove it! 

Juvenilles (Under 8's - Red Belt)
1 White Bar - Zak Palmer, Charlie Duddridge & Joel Charlton
2 White Bars - William Lowery
3 White Bars - Billy Davison, Olivia Lewis, Ava Douglas & Ryan Caires
1 Yellow Bar - Jack Ballantine
1 Orange Bar - Sam Armstrong

Juniors (8-15 Years Old - Coloured Belts)
6th Kokyu (White Belt)

1 Yellow Bar - JAck White, Ben Adamson, Ryan Haldon & Charlie Palmer
2 Yellow Bars - Lucy Connon
3 Yellow Bars - Andrew Duddridge, Joey Johnstone & Luke Lansbury
5th Kokyu (Yellow Belt)
Yellow Belt - Jay Coleman, Matthew Willis, Nicky Wright & Harry Roberts
2 Orange Bar - Tom Common & Matthew Welch
4th Kokyu (Orange Belt)
1 Green Bar - Billy Bone
3rd Kokyu (Green Belt)
Green Belt - Emma Wright
1 Blue Bar - Acey Bell
2nd Kokyu (Blue Belt)
2 Brown Bars - Mia Key
3 Brown Bars - Robyn Key

16 Years and Over (Seniors - Coloured Belts)
5th Kyu (Yellow Belt) - Leanne Douglas
4th Kyu (Orange Belt) - Julie Willis & Anne-Marie Mitcheson
2nd Kyu (Blue Belt) - Neil Hedley

Goole Open Championships - March 2017

   On Sunday 5th March four members of Butokokan Judo travelled to Goole to take part in the Goole Open Championships. Molly Common, Rachael Douglass, Carl Robertson and Ben Van Denten all fought well in their retrospective groups, and as always take away things to work on from the experience! Results as follows:

Gold - Ben Van Denten & Molly Common
Silver - Rachael Douglass
Bronze - Carl Robertson

Club Competition - February 2017

   Well done to everyone competing in our Inter Club Competition on 25th February! Some great judo and some fab throws!  Results as follow:

Gold - Zak Palmer, Olivia Lewis, Harley Cannell, Tom Common, Sam Armstrong, Matthew Welch, Acey Bell, Kyle Flannery, Robyn Key, Anthony Welch & Gary Cannell
Silver - Billy Davison, Ava Douglas, Harry Shaw, Andrew Duddridge, Jack White, Nicky Wright, Charlie Palmer, Ben Van Denten, Andrew Rudd & Anthony Welch
Bronze - Charlie Duddridge, Ryan Caires, Matthew Willis, Jack Ballantine, Jay Coleman, Luke Lansbury, Harry Roberts, Mia Key, Anne-Marie Mitcheson, Adam Douglass (X2) & Kyle Shaw
Competitor Medal - Emma Wright

Battlehill North East Grand Prix - February 2017

   On Sunday 5th February Battlehill Judo Club hosted the first North East Grand Prix. This i the first event of 5 throughout the year, bringing together local BJA, BJC, and Bushido clubs. This event is open to all associations, the first of its kind in the North East.
   10 Students of Butokokan Judo attended, in order to try and get points to get onto a leaderboard, whereby the top scorers will be awarded in a presentation January 2018. Some great Judo was produced on this day. Results as follows:
Silver - Robyn Key, Mia Key, Ben Van Denten
Bronze - Acey Bell, Jay Coleman, Andrew Duddridge
Runners Up - Tom Common, Lucy Connon, Jack White, Matthew Welch

Masterclass with Gemma Gibbons - January 2017

   On Saturday 28th January, Butokokan Judo hosted a Masterclass with Gemma Gibbons, accompanied by Louise Little. Gemma has a very successful career in judo, and has won a Silver medal in the London 2012 Olympics. 
   She delivered a very technical session with juniors, based around tachi-waza (throwing) and followed by lots of randoori for the kids to get involved in. 
   Gemma then provided a technical session with seniors, based around tachi-waza and moving into ne-waza (Ground work).
   The day was a great success, and saw members from clubs all over the North East attend. 

Northern British Schools Regional Championships - January 2017

   On Saturday 21st January, 5 students of Butokokan Judo travelled to Tyne Youth and Community Centre to take part in the British Schools Regional championships.
   Mia Key gained a silver medal earning priority entry to the British Schools Finals in Sheffield in April. Molly Common, secured a gold medal, and Adam Douglass and Ben Van Denton secured silver medals, both also gaining priority Entry. 
   Robyn Key fought well, but narrowly missed out on the priority entry by attaining a Bronze medal. 
   Lots of hard work ahead before the main event, time for these guhys to knuckle down and train hard!

Town Council Acknowledges Hard Work - January 2017

   Following the Christmas period the club had a nice surprise from Newbiggin Town Coucil. They have recognised all of the hard work that goes into the club, helping children within the area develop and progress through the sport, and have provided us with a grant of £1000.00! This is superb! Massive thank you to Newbiggin Town Council! This now means we can continue running our sessions with as low a cost a possible, as well as being able to put on events within out club (continuing with club competitions, masterclasses, etc).