News 2016


B&M Bag Pack - December 2016

   On Wednesday 21st December some members of the club went to B&M Stores in Ashington to complete a bag pack. This was to raise funds which help the club keep costs as low as possible, and in recent times have helped to renew old equipment (Mats, etc). The total amount raised was a whopping....


   Well done to everyone who attended and helped us out (hopefully you'll all be helping out your parents now too!), and a massive thanks to everyone that donated, and to B&M for having us!

Christmas Presentation - December2016

   Thanks to everyone for coming to our Christmas Presentation night on 10th December 2016! All of our Judoka work very hard and continue to improve session after session, and this is a chance for us to say thank you to everyone for the support throughtout the year. Coaches would also like to thank everyone for their christmas presents, we all love our new mugs! This year also marks the changeover from our 'Judoka of the Year' Cup, to our 'Superstar of the Year' Award. This award is for strong performances across the year, both in competition, technical work and gradings, with a high standard and continued improvement, The awards went out as follows:

Superstar of the Year - Mia Key
Spirit of Judo - Billy Bone
Special Awards - Ava Douglass, Billy Davison, Lucy Connon, Acey Bell

Midland Area Commemorative Open - December 2016

   Molly Common and Carl Robertson travelled to Walsall to take part in the BJA Midland Commemorative Open Event, with Molly in the 2nd Kyu and below section and Carl in the 1st Kyu and above (point scoring) section. 
   Due to Low numbers for female Kyu Grades Molly was entered into the amalgamated categories for U78kg and O78kg. Molly fought hard with some good dominant grips but unfortunately lost in a best-of-3 with her opponent. Molly still managed to gain a silver medal - Well done!
   Carl was entered into the Men's 1st Kyu and above U66kg event. Carl managed to secure a win by hold down against his first opponent. Despite Carls efforts following this, he unfortunately lost the remaining fights within this category. Carl won a Bronze medal within this category. He then entered into the U73kg event, but was forced to pull out after his first fight due to injury.
   Plenty of positives to take from the weekend and a few things to work on, so back to the club to train hard for the next event! Well done to both of you!

Area Gradings - November 2016

   Well done to all those that attended our gradings today!!! You all did superbly well and should all be proud of your new grades!
   The feeling we get after days like today seeing all you guys do so well is unbelievable and makes all the hard work put in well worth it!
   Another well done to Neil and Anthony on passing your assistant instructor awards and to also to Rachael for your instructor award! This means Rachael can now take sessions without one of us dan grades being on t...he mat!
   And finally thanks to Michael and Steve for your help today! And our guest Paul for coming along and joining us on the mat too!
Keep working hard guys!!!

Tyne and Wear Development Competition - November 2016

   Four Seniors from Butokokan Judo travelled to Tynemouth Youth and Community Centre to take part in the Tyne and Wear Development competition. Molly Common and Rachael Douglass entered the 2nd Kyu and below section, with the pair coming out on top! Adam Douglass and Carl Robertson entered the 1st Kyu and above points scoring section.  Results as follows:

Gold - Rachael Douglass and Carl Robertson
Silver - Molly Common
Bronze - Adam Douglass

BJC Area Competition - November 2016

   Seven students from Butokokan Judo travelled to the Parks Sports Centre to take part in the BJC Area Competition.   Results as follows:

Gold -  Robyn Key
Silver - Matthew Welch and Jay Coleman
Bronze - Mia Key and Ben Van Denton
Runners Up - Andrew Duddridge and Jack White

Masterclass with Frazer Chamberlain - November 2016

  Seven members of Butokokan Judo travelled to Old Priory Judo Club in York to attend a masterclass with Frazer Chamberlain.  Frazer put on a fun session for the juniors, with great technical content, and for the seniors a more advanced session with armlocks and strangles (only allowed for seniors in competition). Another great masterclass, thanks to the organisers and Frazer! 

Masterclass with Ashley McKenzie - November 2016

   Butokokan Judo were the proud hosts of a Masterclass with Team GB's Ashley Mckenzie and Team France's Automne Pavia. 
   Mckenzie is a 2014 Commonwealth Games Champion, has placed in 3 Pan American Championships, is an 8 time British Champion and has won numerous medals in Grand Slam, Grand Prix and World Cup Medals.
   Pavia is the London 2012 Olympic Bronze Medallist, is a 3 time European Champion, 4 World Cup & World Championship medals, and has numerous Grand Slam, Grand Prix and Masters medals.
   Both athletes demonstrated some great techniques that have helped them in thier competitive careers, as well as joining in with a but of scrapping with the juniors and seniors. Excellent session! Thank you Ashley and Automne!


British Schools Regional Championships - October 2016

   FourStudents from Butokokan Judo travelled to Walsall to take part in the British Schools Regional Championships in the hopes of qualifying for priority entry to the British School Championships in 2017. For these students it is the first competition at the higher level, with a big change in pace. All fought well and will take the experience and use it moving forward.  Results as follows:

Silver- Adam Douglass (also qualified for priority entry to British Schools - well done)
Bronze - Mia Key, Robyn Key
Runner Up - Ben Van Denton 

 BJC Northumberland Area Beginners Competition - October 2016

   Three Students from Butokokan Judo travelled to Morpeth Road School to take part in the Northumberland Area Beginners Competition, hosted by Fordley amd East hartford Judo Club. Well done to all that fought! Results as follows:

Gold - Jay Coleman
Bronze - Lucy Connon, Joey Johnstone

Bushido Za-Zen Nationals - October 2016

Well done to all of our National Competitors today! Some fantastic fights in some big pools by all students! Results as follows:

Gold - Nicky Wright, Alex Brown & Robyn Key
Silver - Andrew Duddridge, Mia Key & Ben Van Denton
Bronze - Jay Coleman, Tom Common & Lucy Connon
Runner Up - Jack White & Acey Bell

And not to forget Emma Wright who couldn't complete due to breaking her elbow but still travelled to support the team! Fantastic Results!

Sponsored Throw - September 2016

During September members of the club completed as many throws as possible in 1 Minute to raise money for the club. The person with the highest number of throws for Juveniles, Juniors and Seniors got an award, as well as a medal to each member that participated. Below is the total number of throws each member got, and in bold the most thows per category.

29 - Joey Johnston.                                  23 - Mia Key, Kyle Flannery,              16 - Ryan Caires, Lucy Connon, Olivia Lewis.  
28 - Adam Douglass, Molly Common,            Carl Robertson, Kyle Shaw.                  Anne-Marie Mitcheson, Emma Wright
       Alex Brown, Ben Van Denton.           20 - Tom Common.                              15 - Josh Kingham, Matthew Willis.  
26 - Robyn Key, Harry Roberts.               22 - Neil Hedley.                                  13 - Jack White 
24 - Harry Shaw, Luke Lansbury            21 - Acey Bell, Andrew Duddridge,      11 - Finlay Kingham
                                                                       Matthew Welch, Nicky Wright.          

3rd Dan Promotion - August 2016

Massive congratulations to Sensei Andrew Douglass for attaining his 3rd Dan in Judo.
Everyone knows that Andrew puts 100% into everything he does on the mat, organising events, coaching and even finding time for his own development. The club wouldnt have the success behind it if it wasnt for Andrew. Congrats from all at Butokokan Judo!! 

Olympic Week - August 2016

So as the judo draws to an end in the Olympics, so does our Olympic Week! To celebrate Judo in the Olympics we decided to offer 'Judoka of the Session' for those who gave it their all on the mat during the week! Well done to our winners:
Ryan Caires,
Charlie Lay,
Kyle Flannery,
Tom Common,
Andrew Duddrige,
Anne-Marie Mitcheson

Keep up the hard work! You only get out of it what you put in! 👊

Blyth Juno Michi Open Championships - July 2016

Great results from the Blyth Juno Michi Open. Everyone fought using some great techniques. Results as follows:

Gold - Emma Wright
Silver - Tom Common, Jay Coleman, Acey Bell, Robyn Key, Ben Van Denton & Adam Douglass
Bronze - Mia Key, Acey Bell, Carl Robertson (X2) & Rachael Douglass
Runners Up - Lucy Connon, Jack White

Gradings - July 2016

Well done to everyone who successfully graded! Grade after promotion as follows:
Juvenilles (Under 8's - Red Belt)
7th Kokyu
2 White Bars - Owen Thompson & Jack White
3 White Bars - Lucy Connon & Matthew Willis
1 Yellow Bar - Andrew Duddridge
2 Yellow Bars - Sam Armstrong & Jay Coleman
1 Orange Bar - Nicky Wright
3 Orange Bars - Tom Common

16 Years and Over (Seniors - Coloured Belts)
5th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Anne-Marie Mitcheson, Graeme Thompson &
Julie Willis
3rd Kyu (Green Belt)
Neil Hedley
Juniors (8-15 Years Old - Coloured Belts)
6th Kokyu (White Belt)
1 Yellow Bar - Charlie Lay and Ben Thompson
3 Yellow Bars - Kieran Turnbull
5th Kokyu (Yellow Belt)
1 Orange Bar - Josh McDonald
3 Orange Bars - Billy Bone
4th Kokyu (Orange Belt)
2 Green Bars - Acey Bell & Emma Wright
3rd Kokyu (Green Belt)
2 Blue Bars - Mia Key
3 Blue Bars - Jack Murphy
2nd Kokyu (Blue Belt)
Alex Brown & Robyn Key

5th Birthday Presentation - June 2016

   Butokokan Judo hosted our 5th Birthday Presentation on the 18th June 2016. Awards were presented by Team GB's Frazer Chamberlain and Michaels first sensei, Eddy Kenney. Here's a little run down of presented awards:
Paul Douglass Memorial Award - Emma Wright
Little Tigers Cup - Nicky Wright
Special Awards - Ben Van Denton and Jay Coleman

   As said last night we have had a lot of help along the way, so some Thank You awards were given to Fiona & John, Hayley & Kev and Neil as a token of our appreciation.
   Coach awards presented to Andrew, Glen and Steve by Michael for all of their help and assistance over the last 12 months.
   Thank you to Old Priory Judo Club for travelling from York join us in our celebrations too!
Congratulations to all of our raffle winners! Hope you all enjoy your prizes!
   Just finally, thanks again to all that attended, for buying raffle tickets and making donations! It is much appreciated and will help us go a long way !

Masterclass with Frazer Chamberlain - June2016

   Butokokan Judo were hosts to a Masterclass with Team GB's Frazer Chamberlain, open to clubs and students from all over the North East.
   The day started with an Under 14's session, with Chamberlain demonstrating some techniques that were perfect for contest situations. there was a short break, which was followed by the OVer 14's session, with Frazer again showing techniques that have worked for him on the competative circuit. Both sessions comprised of Standing and Groundwork, as well as light contest.
   Students on both sessions took a lot away from Frazer, with a lot of positive feedback being given to both the club, and Frazer. We would like to take the opportunity to thank him for travelling to our club for the session, and hopefully we'll see him again soon!

Kendal North West Senior Championships - June 2016

   Three of Butokokan Judo's Senior students  travelled to Kendal to compete in the North West Senior Championships. Carl was entered in the 1st Kyu and above section, attending his first Ranking Event. Molly and Rachael entered in the 2nd Kyu and below section. Results as follows:

Gold - Molly Common
Silver - Rachael Douglass
Bronze - Carl Robertson

Battlehill Novice Competition - June 2016

   Five Students from Butokokan Judo travelled to Tynemouth Community Centre to take part in the Battlehill Novice Competition. Well done to all that fought! Results as follows:

Gold - Jay Coleman
Bronze - Andrew Duddridge, Matthew Willis, Lucy Connon, Nicky Wright

Masterclass with Ashley Mckenzie and Frazer Chamberlain - May 2016

   Members of Butokokan Judo travelled to Old Priory Judo Club on 26th May to attend a Maserclass with Ashley Mckenzie and Frazer Chamberlain. A great technical session and all students took away some new skills and thorouhly enjoyed some randori with the athletes themselves!
   Massive thanks to Maria, Josh, Lisa and Trev for organising the event!

Funding Success - May 2016

   Butokokan Judo receives another big boost with funding from Comic Relief. The Newbiggin and Ashington based club have received £900 towards extending their training area, which has recently been improved.
   This is another big step towards Butokokan Judo achieving the ‘dream mat area’. The mats that are to be acquired will be helping the club have a sufficient training area to cover the growing numbers, and to continue holding area events such as gradings, competitions, and hosting Masterclasses with Team GB and Olympic competitors.

Gainsborough Competition - May 2016

Congratulations to all of our competitors at the Gainsborough Age Competition. Some really tough fights and you all did superbly! Results as follows:

Gold - Tom Common, Alex Brown, Emma Wright, Nicky Wright
Silver - Jay Coleman, Ben Van Denton, Mia Key, Robyn Key
Bronze - Lucy Connon, Josh McDonald, Acey Bell
Runner Up - Jack Murphy


Battlehill Novice Competition - April 2016

Great results from the Battlehill Novice Competition. You can really see the progress all of our judoka are making! Results:

Gold - Tom Common, Jay Coleman
Silver - Josh McDonald
Bronze - Lucy Connon, Matthew Willis, Andrew Duddridge

BJC Competition - April 2016

Well done to all who competed at the BJC Open Championships at Benfield Sports Centre! Results as follows:

Gold - Mia Key
Silver - Robyn Key, Alex Brown, Molly Common
Bronze - Tom Common, Josh McDonald, Acey Bell, Ben Van Denton
Runners Up - Matthew Willis, Jay Coleman, Lucy Connon, Andrew Duddridge, Emma Wright, 
                       Acey Bell

New Mats - April 2016

After a lot of hard work we are very pleased to unveil our brand new mats! Thanks to Northumbrland County Council and Neil Hedley for the funding, as without this we would be a long way off this point. We now have 24 yellow and 16 blue GeeMats as supplied by Fighting Films. Four of our mats also have some printing, 2 of the Fighting Films logo, and 2 of some quotes with represent the club and are renound in Judo:
'Seiryoko Zenyo - Maximum Efficiency; Minimum Effort.'
'It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday.'
Both of the above are well known quotes from the founder of Judo; Jigoro Kano


Successful 2nd Dan Grading - March 2016

Massive congratulations to Sensei Steve Smith for attaining his 2nd Dan in Judo.
Steve has been working extremely hard to earn the next stage to his black belt. He was officially presented with his 2nd Dan certificate and Black Belt on 1st March. Well done Steve!


Botswana Fundraising - February 2016

Well done to everyone who competed at our Inter Club Competition, and a big thanks to everyone who came and supported Molly! The aim of the competition was to raise funds to get Molly to Botswana to do some voluntary work. We can confirm as a total through the tombola, teas/coffees and competition fees we have raised £210 towards her fundraising! More than we all expected so thank you all!
Molly says 'Thank you very much for all who attending the Interclub competition today! I'm very grateful for all of you's for helping to raise funds for Team Botswana. It's been a great success.'

Ashley Mckenzie Masterclass - January 2016

Butokokan Judo were the proud hosts of a Masterclass with Team GB's Ashley Mckenzie. Mckenzie is a 2014 Commonwealth Games Champion, has places in 3 Pan American Championships, is an 8 time British Champion and has won numerous medals in Grand Slam, Grand Prix and World Cup Medals. Ashley travelled up with training partner Lee Shinx and showed some great technical pieces. He also joined in with randoori, ensuring that every student had a go with him! Energy was high throughout and we have had so much positive feedback from this.

Seghill Novice Competition - January 2016

Congratulations to all of our competitors at the Seghill Novice Competition. Some good performances. Results:

Silver - Tom Common, Jay Coleman, Harry Shaw, Josh McDonald, Andrew Duddridge
Bronze - Lucy Connon, Matthew Willis, Sam Armstrong, Graeme Thompson, Nicky Wright,
              Kieran Turnbull, Ethan Million