News 2015


Frazer Chamberlain Masterclass - December 2015

   Team GB's Frazer Chamberlain delivered a Masterclass session to students from all over the North East on Tuesday 15th December 2015. The event was hosted by Butokokan Judo Club at Newbiggin Sports & Community Centre.
   Also making an appearance was Team USA's Kayla Harrison, 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist. She hosted a meet and greet session which saw students meeting the inspirational athlete.

Christmas Presentation - December 2015

Thanks to everyone for attending! It's been another great night celebrating everyone's success and contribution to our club! You've all done yourself and your club proud, let's keep up the good work through 2016!

Judoka of the Year - Alex Brown
Spirit of Judo - Mia Key
Special Awards - Lucy Connon, Nicky Wright, Sam Armstrong, Owen Thompson

Bushido Za-Zen Senior Nationals - November 2015

Results as follows for the BJC competition:

Gold - Rachael Douglass, Andrew Douglass
Silver - Molly Common, Carl Robertson
Runners Up - Adam Douglass

ASDA Bag Pack - November 2015

Wow! We're overwhelmed! Total raised today at our Asda bag pack is.......

£823.90!!! And a quarter dollar and a cent haha!

Thank you so much to everyone for everything you've put in, and to anyone who donated any money to us! This is definitely going to be helping us in getting closer to buying new equipment (eg mats, etc), and to continue holding master classes, etc!

NACYP Competition - November 2015

Results as follows for the BJC competition:

Gold - Molly Common, Alex Brown, Robyn Key
Silver - Mia Key
Bronze - Jay Coleman, Rachael Douglass, Carl Robertson
Runners Up - Lucy Connon, Josh McDonald, Nicky Wright, Acey Bell

Tyne & Wear Development Competition - November 2015

Well done to our Competitors! Results as follows:

Gold - Molly Common
Silver - Rachael Douglass, Adam Douglass
Bronze - Carl Robertson

Bushido Za-Zen Nationals - October 2015

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11 students of Butokokan Judo Club travelled to High Wycombe to take part in the Bushido
Za-Zen Junior National Championships.
The under-eight-year-olds were the first group to fight, with this being the first competition for some of them. For the boys, Andrew Duddridge got a runners-up medal, with Jay Coleman and Tom Common taking bronze. Lucy Connon was entered in two categories and she came out with bronze in both categories. Next up to fight, Josh Macdonald, took a runners-up medal in his second competition, and as a big achievement, won his first fight. Alex Brown and Mia Key both took gold in their own girls’ categories, and it seemed they had a competition of their own going to see who could get the fight over with fastest, with a fight each being won by ippon within three seconds. Robyn Key earned a silver medal, displaying some excellent competitive and technical abilities. Emma Wright and Acey Ross earned a bronze medal each in a tough group with some older competitors, and still showed excellent moral for getting up and giving it a go. Acey was also entered into a second category, in which he was more matched to his competitor, and he took gold from this. Jack Murphy also had a tough group with older, more experienced competitors, he gave his all to each fight, and came out with a runners-up medal.


Kendall Competition - September 2015

Well done to our Kendall Competitors! Results as follows:

Gold - Carl Robertson, Molly Common
Bronze - Rachael Douglass

Owen Livesey Masterclass - September 2015

   2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Owen Livesey delivered a Masterclass session to students from all over the North East on Saturday 12th September 2015. The event was hosted by Butokokan Judo Club at Newbiggin Sports & Community Centre, seeing 60 students taking part in this successful event.
   The day started with an under 14 year old’s session, where Livesey demonstrated a few of his classic techniques for the juniors to build on and perfect, much to their enjoyment! Following this, Livesey then delivered a more advanced session for juniors over 14 years old and seniors. Both sessions comprised of 3 parts: Groundwork, standing techniques and Randori (light contest), with everything shown being relevant to help the students further themselves.


Development Competition - June 2015

Results as follows for our inter-club competition:

Gold - Jessica Anderson, Calum Sanderson, Ronnie Harminson, Harry Redshaw, Tom Common,
           Ethan Million, Robyn Key, Jack Murphy, Andrew Douglass
Silver - Kasey-Jo Paton, Jack Ballantine, Sam Armstrong, Dillon Hooper, Sam Armstrong,
            Josh McDonald, Mia Key, Warren Hooper, Carl Robertson
Bronze - Lucy Connon, Saul, Saul, Lewis, Jack Ballantine, Dylan, Anna Redshaw, Acey Bell,
              Molly Common

Birthday Presentation - June 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation night!

Paul Douglass Memorial - Robyn Key
Little Tigers - Tom Common
Special Awards - Mia Key, Josh McDonald


Battlehill Novice Competition - May 2015

Results are as follows for the Battlehill competition:

Gold - Tom Common
Silver - Dillon Hooper, Warren Hooper
Bronze - Kasey-Jo Paton, Sam Armstrong, Calum Sanderson

Well done to everyone who fought today! Some tough groups, and you gave it your best!


Gainsborough Competition - April 2015

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Members of Butokokan Judo based at Ashington YMCA and Newbiggin Sports Centre travelled to Gainsborough for an age band competition.

Robyn Key came first in the girls’ under-14s category, which also saw Alex Brown finish third.
Also successful were Mia Key, second in the girls’ under-12s, Josh McDonald, runner-up in the boys’ under-tens, his first competition, and Acey Bell, runner-up in the boys’ under-12s category.